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UI/UX • Branding

Spring 2021 • GRA3194C: Technology and Process



The goal of this project was to develop an app design that serves a specific purpose. My app served the purpose of helping divers find reefs and sites in their area. Functions included reviews, maps, and species guides.


App Utility Selection

The first step was to identify what purpose the app would serve for its user. I chose to base mine off of my interest in exploring coral reefs and dive sites. There is an obvious lack of resources for finding these sites, so I wanted my app to be an all-in-one resource for divers. The app would provide maps, reviews, species guides, and tour options.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 3.40_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 3.43.38 PM.png

Lofi Wireflow

This project also emphasized user flow, or the path the user takes to accomplish a goal within the app design. I wanted my user flow to touch on as many aspects of the app as possible. Shown here is a sketch of my initial thoughts.

Hifi User Flow

After establishing the user flow I wanted to focus on, I refined it with the outline shown here. This flow would include site and species detail pages, in addition to those previously planned.


Hifi Wireframe

My hifi wireframe showcases the user flow shown in the video. It also shows my thoughts on layout and initial design of the pages.

Lofi Wireframe

Shown here is my lofi wireframe for the user flow. The flow would touch on all of the important pages and functions of the app, taking the user through the process of identifying a dive site, learning about it, and exploring the guide associated with it. Also shown is my initial idea for the app icon design.

Visual Language

vis langauge-04.png

Final Design

Interactive Prototype

Video Walkthrough

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