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Coral Springs

Environmental • System • Typography

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Fall 2020 • GRA3209C: Typography 2


For the final semester project of Typography 2, students were given the ability to define their own projects. My final project was to update the current signage system of the Coral Springs Parks, my hometown. The goal was to create a cohesive design system that would help unite the 60+ parks in the city.

Visual Language

Typography, Logos, and Colors

Coral Springs has deep roots with Mid-Century Modern design, given it was founded in 1963, and I wanted the design to reflect that through its typeface. The logo is based on the existing Coral Springs City logo, along with the colors to help with continuity between departments.

visual language-12.png
visual language-13.png


An icon set designed for the signage system to help with ease of navigation.

Final Design

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