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Calico Coffee Co.

Illustration • Branding • Typography

Group Project with Gina Marchini and Delaney Dietrick


Fall 2020 • GRA3209C: Typography 2


As part of the group semester project for Typography 2, students were given the ability to define their own projects. Working alongside two classmates, we decided to focus our project on branding a coffee roaster, which we named Calico Coffee Co. Deliverables included the brand, coffee bags, and a website.

Visual Language

Typography, Logos, and Colors

Inspiration for the logo and colors came from combining coffee with the colors of a calico cat. The addition of the blue helped to balance the variety of browns used throughout.

visual language-41.png
visual language-42.png

Illustrations and Patterns

Given the limited size of a coffee bag, illustrations were kept simple for the sake of readability. The patterns were based off of that of a calico cat, as well as helping visually distinguish the bag of each roast of coffee from the others.

Final Design

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